Requirements Gathering

Quality Thinking





Any type of organisation will work to these principles to a greater or lesser degree and the Gobby service is no different.

We are process driven and understand that stakeholder experiences and perceptions are influenced at different points along their journey with you.

Customer Requirements Gobby


  1. What you currently spend on stakeholder engagement:
    • Time dealing with queries, issues, complaints;
    • Effort in juggling engagement tasks with a full workload;
    • Software licenses and products that are over-engineered;
    • Inefficiencies and lost data.
  1. The costs associated with not having good quality stakeholder perception data:
    • Missed opportunities to improve key organisational processes;
    • Lack of understanding customer and wider stakeholder requirements;
    • Recognising and responding to staff and volunteer workforce morale;
    • Stakeholder motivation to help you succeed;
    • Recruitment – losing and re-recruiting your most valuable assets – PEOPLE!

The structure of the Gobby service (Gobby Engagement Cycle) offers organisations a clear methodology for stakeholder engagement to promote confidence in data and subsequent management report.

Engagement Cycle Gobby

Project Assessment

We want to have confidence in the data stakeholders take the time to provide, so establishing the best business case for Gobby engagements is critical.

    • Who are your stakeholders?
    • What are your key processes?
    • What data do you already have available?
    • What are your current priorities?

Survey Design

We want to get the most out of our Gobby engagements, so let’s make them meaningful.

    • The theme – what matters most?
    • Linking the engagement to new and existing projects
    • Setting reporting requirements
    • Stakeholder segmentation – send it to the right people
    • Invitation wording and question design – communicate well


We want Gobby engagements to go smoothly and get the highest response rates possible, so let’s make them super user friendly.

    • Communicate the engagement and timeframe
    • Send engagement out via the Gobby platform
    • Set questions designed to get to the point and not too many
    • Moderate answers

Analysis & Reporting

We create management and stakeholder reports that:

    • Analyse the raw data [answers] to find the most interesting results
    • Recognise customer and wider stakeholder requirements
    • Create charts that best reflect this data
    • Make observations and recommendations for decision-making and quality improvement planning
    • Support process redesign
    • Provides evidence for statutory and industry accreditation compliance i.e. ISO 9001, Ofsted, Care Quality Commission, Investors in People, Investing in Volunteers – and many more!
    • Creates project documentation to support outcomes


Our system is built to accept ‘Unique Identifiers’ that do not require us to process personal data. However, as a responsible data processor, we work with you to protect information.

We have robust data security processes in place and only keep data for as long as is required for the contract between us.

All data is stored and maintained within the EU.

Please use the Quick Links section below and take a look at our policies for more information.